Best Speakers For Garage Gym 2024 (Top Bluetooth Wireless & Wired Home Gym Speakers)

Home gyms have always been a great thing to have, and have become especially popular during the pandemic. But the music you listen to is incredibly important, as it helps energize you before and during your workout. For your home gym, you’ll need the best speakers for a garage gym in 2024. Keep on reading for the top Bluetooth wireless & wired home gym speakers ranked.

Want to start your workout quickly? You’ll want to pick the right speaker for your gym, you don’t need it too big, and you won’t want one that is too small. You’ll want a set of speakers that gives great audio, without disturbing the neighbors. Try the Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers or the smaller Bose SoundLink Micro.

Top Home Gym Speakers: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers
  • Connectivity Technology: RCA, Auxiliary
  • Power Source: Wired
  • Special Feature: On-speaker adjustable volume, bass, and treble.
  • Can Be Used Outdoors: No
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RUNNER UP Bose SoundLink Micro
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Special Feature: Waterproof
  • Can Be Used Outdoors: Yes
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JBL Xtreme 2
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Special Feature: Speakerphone
  • Can Be Used Outdoors: Yes
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Polk Audio Atrium
  • Connectivity Technology: Ethernet
  • Power Source: Wired
  • Special Feature: Radio
  • Can Be Used Outdoors: Yes
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Best Speakers For Garage Gym 2024 (Wireless & Wired: Compared & Ranked

1. Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Garage

Edifier has been a big name in audio since 1996, in fact, in 2010 they joined the Chinese stock market as the first business listed in the Chinese Audio Market.

That same year, they were regarded as the only Chinese business for national trademark strategy implementation.

The Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers is a great example of their innovative and reliable audio equipment.

The speakers themselves are perfect for any home gym, since they deliver crystal clear audio, while not being too expensive.

The audio quality of these speakers is absolutely incredible, with natural sound replication coming from a 13mm silk dome tweeter and a 4-inch full-range unit.

This gives studio-quality sound, impressive from a small unit.

While working out you don’t have to worry about messing around with knobs or dials, thanks to the convenient remote that comes with the speakers.

You can control all your audio needs simply without breaking your workout.

From a visual standpoint, the speakers a very stylish, with a high-quality MDF wood build, finished with wood-styled vinyl, so they fit in with most home styles and decor.

In a home gym, they’ll stand out nicely.

The Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers are a great option for anyone needing reliable home speakers.

They have fantastic sound quality while being fairly low profile so they won’t take up a lot of space.


  • Studio-quality sound
  • Dual RCA Input
  • Remote control


  • The Boosted Base feature is not the best

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2. Bose SoundLink Micro

Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Your Home Gym

Bose is one of the biggest names when it comes to audio products.

They have spent years fine-tuning their designs and technology, to make sure they have some of the best products currently on the market.

The Bose SoundLink Micro is certainly no different.

Though small, this speaker packs an audio punch, with crisp sound, unmatched in similarly sized speakers.

This makes it perfect for home gyms, or even outdoors.

A great feature is the inbuilt microphone, which can be used for speakerphone conversations, great for having to take a call in the middle of your workout, or even as a conference room speaker.

The internal rechargeable battery provides up to 6 hours of playtime, plus there is also wireless Bluetooth pairing, so you can easily connect your phone or computer to the speaker, and play all your favorite tunes.

Their use is not limited to home gym’s however, as you can pair two SoundLink speakers together for party mode, as well as pairing to any other member of the Bose Smart Home Family, to play music in sync.

Bose has created yet another fantastic speaker with the Bose SoundLink Micro.

Anyone who has a home gym, or needs a reliable speaker for parties, will be pleased by the superior sound quality and solid battery.


  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Smart SoundLink technology
  • Inbuilt microphone


  • Needs an app to connect to Bluetooth

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3. JBL Xtreme 2

Great Waterproof Speaker For Any Home Gym

JBL is right up there with Bose when it comes to audio quality and reliability and have long been innovators when it comes to producing quality products for consumers.

JBL has made a point of catering to their customers, to keep everyone happy.

The JBL Xtreme 2 is a great small speaker, that will fit right into any home gym.

It is also waterproof, so it’s not a problem if you’re using it by the pool or working up a sweat.

The versatility for such a small unit is impressive.

The inbuilt battery is very reliable, providing up to 15-hours of constant play.

The onboard technology is advanced featuring 4 drivers, 2 JBL bass radiators, and the rechargeable battery all make this speaker a powerhouse of audio.

In order to properly hang the speaker or secure it, there are integrated hooks, a durable metal base, and even an added bottle opener on the carrying strap, to provide more convenience to the consumer.

The Bluetooth connection is stable, allowing you to connect any compatible device to the speaker, so you can play all your favorite music while working out.

This speaker probably isn’t the best for outdoor parties, though indoors it will be fine.

The JBL Xtreme 2 is a fantastic waterproof, portable speaker that will make most gym-goers completely happy, especially due to the 15-hour battery life.

If you’re someone who listens to music all day, this is the speaker for you.


  • 15-hour battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Integrated metal base


  • Some units have had to be sent back for repairs.

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4. Polk Audio Atrium

Affordable Speakers For A Home Gym

Though some people may not be familiar with Polk, they are a brand you don’t want to miss.

They are consistently ranked alongside Bose products, such is the quality and reliability of their products.

The Polk Audio Atrium speakers are absolutely incredible not just for indoors, but outdoors too.

They are designed to be extremely durable, so they will stand up to any weather, which is great for superior audio all year round.

The technology at the core of these speakers is impressive, with a 4 ½” mineral-filled Dynamic Balance polymer cone and a ¾” anodized aluminum dome.

Coupled with 80W of power, these speakers will keep the gym and party alive through anything.

They sport a lovely design, which fits in nicely with any setting.

They are extremely easy to install thanks to the one-click speed lock mounting bracket, which is so simple you can install it with one hand.

The Polk Audio Atrium speakers have amazing sound quality, that makes you feel like you’re at a live concert.

If you’re using these for your home gym, you’ll be working out to crystal clear audio, so you’ll have no trouble staying motivated.

Polk has created some of the best speakers currently on the market, and these are no exception.

Any home gym or outdoor party will have a great atmosphere, and you won’t want to listen to music through anything else.


  • Durable construction for any weather
  • Simple installation
  • Superior audio quality


  • Some units do let in water after a while

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Bluetooth Speakers For Home Gym FAQ

Which Speaker Is Best For Garage Gym?

The best speaker for a garage gym depends on the size of your garage. You’ll want something that creates enough audio to hear properly and clearly, without being too loud or quiet. Small garages will be fine with a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Large garages or full-size home gyms, however, will want something more substantial, that can provide great audio over a large area. Here are the best speakers for garage gyms.

What Are The Best Bose Garage Speakers

The best Bose garage speaker is the Bose SoundLink Micro. Though it is quite small, it has unmatched audio quality, compared to similar-sized speakers. Additionally, the Smart SoundLink technology gives you the ability to connect multiple together, as well as to other Bose Smart audio products.

The rechargeable battery can play music for 6 hours on a single charge, and the whole unit is waterproof, which makes it perfect for home gyms or exercising by the pool.

How Do You Mount Speakers In A Garage?

Mounting speakers in a garage can be easy, depending on your garage. In some garages, you will be completely fine to mount the speakers in the corners of the room, using sturdy wall brackets. Just make sure you use the right sort of screws for your wall.

In other garages, you may be better off using free-standing pole stands, and attaching the speakers to them.

This way you can still move the speakers around if needed and you don’t have to worry about putting holes in the walls, especially in rental properties.

Final Thoughts About Best Speakers For Garage Gym

Home gyms are an incredible resource to anyone that has them. Whether it’s small with only a couple of weights or full-sized, with multiple machines and stations, the home gym is a great way to stay fit and motivated at all times of the year.

Going to a conventional gym gets expensive, especially with membership fees, and some people are too self-conscious to go to a gym, so the home gym works great.

Music is a great feature for any home gym, as it helps keep you motivated and focused. You’ll need the best speakers for garage gyms in 2024.

As you’ve seen the top Bluetooth wireless & wired home gym speakers ranked, you’ll know exactly what to go for. Whether you buy the corded Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers or the portable Bose SoundLink Micro, you’ll have great audio in your home gym at all times.

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