How To Keep Spiders Out Of The Garage & Get Rid Of Them Permanently

When it comes to the household pest that people seem to hate the most, spiders are definitely at the top of that list. These creepy and crawly eight-legged insects are a real nuisance when they’re in your garage.

In some cases, their presence can even be dangerous depending on the species and whether or not you have small pets or children. So below we’ll look at some great ways to keep spiders out of your garage for good.

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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Garage

1. Remove other pests 

Like most creatures living in the wild, spiders are mostly roaming around and looking for their next meal.

Since spiders feast on other bugs, it makes sense that if your garage is full of other bugs, it will attract spiders.

With plentiful food for them, your garage will end up being their new home.

So if your garage already contains small insects or other pests, it’s likely attracting spiders. Make sure to deal with all other pests first so your garage doesn’t become a feeding ground for spiders.

2. Check the door and window seals

Spiders usually end up entering your garage through small spaces and cracks. These can usually be found on the weatherstripping around the garage door when it starts to get old.

Also, windows that no longer seal well or have been left open are also easy access points for spiders.

Finally, check for spaces where 2 seperate building materials come together, like wood and concrete.

These sort of gaps in construction materials can allow spiders an easy entry point. You can use caulk or foam filler to repair these gaps or holes.

3. Spray spider repellent

Using a quality repellent can keep spiders away from the perimeter of your garage and prevent them from ending up inside.

For a natural alternative, we recommend the Mighty Mint 16 oz Spider Repellent.

This natural alternative is safe for pets and small children, yet it repels spiders when used around doors, windows, and other entry points.

It uses no harsh chemicals or pesticides, which is great for your home and other wildlife that may be in the area.

4. Turn off outdoor lights

If possible, turn off lights around the garage at night. This light attracts other insects, and therefore attracts spiders looking to eat them.

Try to use the least amount of light needed for security or other reasons, or try to limit it to only one light away from doors and windows. Also, don’t leave lights on inside the garage if you are not using them to work.

Reducing light levels is a great way to reduce the amount of insects attracted to your garage.

5. Clean up webs

An empty web may not be empty at all. A spider is probably using that web to catch insects and will return to it at some point.

Make sure to clean up these webs around your garage.

This makes it difficult for the spiders to eat and will keep them from sticking around once they make a home in your garage. Use a vacuum or duster to take down and clean up any webs you find.

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How To Get Rid Of Spiders In The Garage FAQ

How do you get rid of loads of spiders?

If your garage is already infested with spiders, it will take a sustained effort to get them out and not just a one time treatment.

You’ll want to start with cleaning up clutter and removing any existing webs with a vacuum or duster.

You can use a pesticide or natural spider repellent near where walls meet the floor as well as near windows and doors. You’ll want to keep this up on a regular basis or according to the product’s description.

Finally, seal off any areas where spiders are coming in to prevent a reinfestation. This includes replacing weatherstripping around doors and checking for cracks.

Small crevices or holes in siding can let insects inside, so check carefully for these spots around the entire garage.

What smell will keep spiders away?

Mint, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, lemon, and vinegar are some of the more common smells that spiders do not like.

Many of these are available as essential oils that you then dilute with water before spraying. You can find these at most home and garden stores.

Using these scents and oils is a great way to keep spiders from coming back. But if spiders are already present, you’ll need to clean them out and remove their webs before spraying a repellent.

Otherwise, the spiders may just reproduce inside and grow larger in number despite the repellent used to keep new ones out.

Where do spiders make their nests?

Spiders in your garage will generally make their nest in out-of-the-way corners or around other cluttered areas.

They like clutter and other obstructions so check these areas for webs and vacuum them up. 

Also, clean up these cluttered areas and it will be far less inviting for the spiders that do come inside, and they may just pass on by looking for a better place to set up shop. A less cluttered space will attract fewer spiders.

How Keep Spiders Out Garage

Final Thoughts About Keeping Spiders Out Of The Garage

Keeping spiders out of our garage can seem like a daunting task when you keep seeing them everywhere. But if you stick to the tips in this article, you’ll quickly see their numbers start to go down.

Then, you just need to follow some simple maintenance steps like using a repellent and sealing off entry points and you should be done with your spider problem for good.

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