How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Garage For Good

Mice are one of the more common pest problems around the world. Garages often are an ideal nesting ground for mice who are looking for shelter from the elements and even predators.

Below we’ll look at some ways to keep mice from getting in your garage in the first place, as well as ways to get rid of them once they’re already inside.

Short on time? The best way to keep mice away from your garage for good is using the highly rated Zelikovitz Mice Repellent and/or mouse trap.

Getting Rid Of Mice In Your Garage

Before setting up a plan to get rid of mice, you need to make sure that the way they are getting in is taken care of first.

Eliminating mice doesn’t really help if new mice simply wander in the next day. You’ll end up with an endless stream of mice, which nobody wants.

Seal off any small openings or crack

Mice can slip through cracks and openings as small as 1/2 of an inch.

So despite most people thinking of the typical mouse hole “half circle” from cartoons, they actually need very little space to get inside.

Check the weather stripping around your garage door.

Make sure it seals up around all edges. Garage doors that are worn or damaged will often not seal properly due to being out of alignment.

If this is the case, have your door repaired to ensure a proper seal.

Next, check for cracks or openings around the perimeter of the garage. Often, areas, where two construction materials meet, can be a place where holes or cracks are.

If found, seal all of these either with foam filler or other building repair materials.

Remove food sources

Anything from bird seed to old pet food can be a source of food for mice. In some cases, even cardboard can attract hungry mice.

So if you have any seeds, pet food, or other sources of food, Remove those and clean up any remnants.

Remove any nesting areas or materials from your garage

Mice love cluttered garages with materials such as cardboard and other items lying around. This gives them safety and a place to hide from predators.

So, clean up and organize your garage so there is nothing on the floor or left strewn about on shelves and other areas.

Next, be on the lookout for materials that attract mice and can be used for their nests. This includes cardboard, bedding materials, and other sources that can be easily chewed and used to create a nest.

Chopped wood is also something known to attract mice, so if you keep wood for a fireplace, don’t store it in the garage or near the garage.

These wood piles often attract mice with all the nooks and crannies for them to hide in.

Finally, if you store your car in the garage, food or trash in the car can attract mice. Make sure to keep your car free of these items that can attract mice even though the garage itself is clean.

Eliminating Mice Inside The Garage

Once you have taken care of how the mice are getting in, it’s time to get rid of them. You have a few options here. One is to  use live traps, and the other is to use kill traps.

Live traps

Many people prefer to use live traps to catch mice in the garage. This is a great option if you suspect you only have a few. Many people are also more comfortable with this option for ethical reasons.

This Humane Catch and Release Indoor/Outdoor live trap is popular with homeowners and does a great job of catching mice.

These traps are ready to use, just add some bait and place them against walls or other secluded areas where you suspect there is mouse traffic.

For bait, most pest control experts recommend a small amount of peanut butter mixed with oats.

You don’t need a lot, this is just to create the smell of food and not actually offer the mouse a meal.

Use a spoon or other utensil when baiting the trap. Mice have a very keen sense of smell, and any oil or perfumes from your hand will make them avoid the bait and trap entirely.

Deadly mice traps

The other option is to use traps which kill the mice. These include glue traps, which use a sticky substance which gets entangled with the mouse as they walk on it.

The mouse then slowly dies over time. Some homeowners mistake the glue traps as non-kill traps, so make sure you are aware of the differences before choosing.

The other option is a traditional strike mouse trap that most people are familiar with.

These inexpensive traps are spring loaded, and when a mouse attempts to grab the bait, the trap is triggered and a bar slams down, killing the mouse.

To use any of these kill traps, use the same methods as the live traps. Bait them and place them in areas you believe are high traffic areas for the mice. Usually this is behind shelves or along walls.

How To Get Rid Of Mice In The Garage FAQ

How do I get rid of mice in my garage fast?

First you want to remove sources of food that are attracting the mice. Without doing this you will never get rid of them. Birdseed and pet food are the two most common items.

Then fix any holes or openings so that mice can no longer enter. Finally, use a live trap to catch any mice that remain.

What smells will keep mice away?

Some smells that mice avoid are cinnamon, peppermint oil, and vinegar mixed with water.

Mixing these solutions and spraying them around the perimeter can help deter mice from entering.

How do I find a mouse nest in my garage?

Search along walls that are covered or protected by shelves or cabinets. Also, look for small holes with light shining through. The nest is usually near these entry points.

get rid mouse garage

Final Thoughts On How to Keep Mice Away From The Garage

If you suspect a mouse problem, the first step is to always find out how they are entering the garage, and fix that first. Second, remove all sources of food that attract them. Then finally, use the highly rated Zelikovitz Mice Repellent and/or mouse trap.

Following these steps will have your garage mice-free in no time.

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