How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Garage

In some cities, rats are an ever-present problem and one that gives homeowners constant problems.

Keeping them out of the house is often the first priority, but many times rats end up in the garage since it’s less protected.

Below we’ll look at the most effective ways to get rid of rats in your garage and ways to keep them from coming back.

Looking for a quick answer? In short, the easiest way to keep rats away from your garage is by using the highly rated Zelikovitz Rat Repellent and/or rat trap.

Keeping Rats Out Of Your Garage

You always want to prevent rats from entering your garage in the first place if at all possible. The first step is to make sure there are no obvious physical entry points for the rats to get in.

This means checking the structure for any holes or openings where rats can freely walk inside and make a home. Doors and windows that don’t close all the way or seal well are prime locations for rats to enter.

Check around foundations and any openings where vents and pipes go through walls. Rats can often sneak in through these small openings as well.

Check for food sources

Once you’ve fixed all the holes or entry points you want to remove any source of food or water in the garage. Rats are foragers, which means they wander around looking for food and water.

Rats also have a powerful sense of smell, so they can detect standing water or food from far away and home in the location.

Check areas around the garage

The area around the garage is also important to check to make sure it’s not attractive for rats to come to. Pet food or other sources of food from trees can attract rats if located around the garage.

Dog droppings can also attract rats. Although dogs generally scare rats away, their droppings signal food must be nearby, so the rats will be attracted to it.

Make sure to clean your yard of dog droppings often to prevent rats from coming to investigate.

Getting Rid Of Rats In The Garage

You have a few options here, most involve traps and poison of some kind but each work with a varying degree of success.

Spring rat traps

These are the traditional traps most people think of when imagining a rat trap. They use a spring loaded bar that comes down and crushes the rat when it trips the mechanism.

These are very inexpensive and are often the first choice to eliminate rats in the garage.

Live rat traps

For those with ethical concerns or only a few rats to deal with, live traps are a good option.

These work by using bait to lure the rat inside of a small compartment. The door then closes on the rat when inside, but the rat is unharmed. It can then be released somewhere else and these rats won’t return if you go far enough away.

Live traps are generally just as successful as spring loaded snap traps. They are somewhat more expensive though per trap.

Glue traps

These are the least effective method and often considered the least humane as the rats generally suffer quite a bit when stuck in the glue.

They are inexpensive though and that is one of the reasons they are still used. But due to their low effectiveness, they are often not recommended.

Rat poisons

Rat poisons are another option. These poison traps come pre-baited with a scent to attract the rats. When the rats eat the bait, they are poisoned.

This is not the best choice if you have pets or small children, as they can accidentally come in contact with the poison. Also, if cats or dogs eat the poisoned rats, they may be poisoned as well.

So these are best used where no children or other animals may be present.

How To Get Rid Of Rats In The Garage FAQ

How long does it take to get rid of rats in the garage?

Normally only a few days. Using rat traps of some kind or a poison will usually take about three days to catch a few rats. A larger infestation will take longer.

This also assumes you have sealed off the garage so no new rats can enter. If new rats can enter, then the cycle can repeat indefinitely, which isn’t ideal.

What kills rats instantly?

The only thing that kills rats instantly would be traditional spring-loaded snap traps. When used correctly, these usually kill rats very quickly.

Make sure to place these traps in small areas where other larger animals can’t get to them and set off the trap accidentally.

Will rats go away on their own?

This depends, but generally if there is no food or water they will eventually move on. But rats can survive on very little food, so even the smallest amount can attract them.

This is why it’s important to keep your garage clean of any food that rats may enjoy.

How to get rid of rats in the garage naturally?

The most effective method is to use live traps. Once caught, you can release the rats elsewhere.

Rats are not offended by many odors or substances, so there are few repellents that work well. So the key is to make sure they never enter the garage in the first place.

For the ones that do enter, use a live trap for a natural way to eliminate rats in a way that does no harm.

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Final Thoughts On How To Keep Rats Away From The Garage For Good

Rats can be a big problem when they get in the garage. They can gnaw wood and furniture and leave a foul odor behind that is hard to clean.

Because of this, don’t make your garage attractive to rats by leaving any food or water around. Next, Zelikovitz Rat Repellent and/or rat trap.

By doing this, you’ll clear out your rat problem in just a few days and keep them from coming back.

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